Agile Results

Agile Results Refresher

image“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it’s not.” — Dr. Seuss

It’s that point of the yr to get your rear in gear.

Agile Results is a strong method that will help you do exactly that.

Agile Results is an easy system for significant results.

In essence, Agile Results is a personal progress system for work and life.

This can be a quick refresher on the what, the why, and the how of Agile Results.

Understand Your Full Potential the Agile Approach

Agile Results combines proven practices for productiveness, time administration, and personal effectiveness that will help you obtain more in less time, and enjoy the course of.

You’ll be able to consider Agile Results as a private results system that helps you understand your potential, and unleash your biggest potential.

Potential is a muscle that gets better by way of habits.

What makes it totally different is that Agile Results is a approach to use your greatest power on your greatest results.

Agile Results can also be a solution to decelerate to hurry up, find more achievement, and put your huge, daring ambitions into follow.

You should use Agile Results for work or house or anyplace it’s essential to enhance your leads to life.

Agile Results is suitable with, and may enhance the results of, any productiveness system or time administration you already use.  That’s because the inspiration of the Agile Results framework is a core set of rules, patterns, and practices for getting higher outcomes.

Agile Results is for Achievers, Artists, and All Walks of Life

For achievers, Agile Results helps them be extra, do extra, and obtain more in their life.

“More what?”, you may ask. Extra which means.

For artists, Agile Results helps them do more art, and turn out to be productive artists as they share their artwork with the world.

For anyone who needs extra from work and life, Agile Results helps you do anything higher by serving to you assume, really feel and do your greatest in any state of affairs.

It really works by serving to you create readability round meaningful outcomes. This creates focus to channel your power, which creates impressed motion.

By focusing in your strengths, you improve your stream of higher outcomes.

By staying versatile with an Agile mindset you retain changing in the path of your objectives, while enhancing your self-awareness.

This creates a extra pleasant journey of learning whereas doing.

three Keys to Agile Results

There are three keys to the Agile Results framework:

1. The Rule of 3

The Rule of three helps you keep away from getting overwhelmed.

It’s additionally a suggestion that helps you prioritize and scope. Somewhat than chew off greater than you possibly can chew, you chew off three meaningful things.

You should use The Rule of three at totally different ranges by choosing Three Wins for the day, Three Wins for the week, Three Wins for the month, and Three Wins for the yr.

This helps you see the forest for the timber since your Three Wins for the yr are at a better degree than your Three Wins for the month, and your Three Wins for the week are at a better degree than your Three Wins for the day.

You possibly can simply zoom out and in to help stability your perspective on what’s necessary, for the brief term and the long run.

2. Monday Imaginative and prescient, Every day Wins, Friday Reflection

Monday Imaginative and prescient, Day by day Wins, Friday Reflection is a weekly results sample.

This can be a simple “time-based” pattern. Every week is a recent begin.

On Mondays, you consider three wins you want to for the week.

Every day you determine three wins you desire to for the day.

On Fridays, you mirror on classes discovered; you ask yourself, “What three things are going well, and what three things need improvement?”

This weekly outcomes pattern helps you build momentum.

3. Scorching Spots

Scorching Spots are a strategy to warmth map your life.

They aid you map out your results by identifying “what’s hot?.”

Scorching Spots turn into each your levers and your lens that will help you determine and concentrate on what’s necessary in your life.

They will symbolize areas of pain or alternative.

You need to use Scorching Spots as your major dashboard.  You possibly can arrange your Scorching Spots by work, personal, and the “big picture” of your life. At a look, you need to have the ability to shortly see the balls you’re juggling and what’s on your plate.

To seek out your Scorching Spots, simply make an inventory of the important thing issues that want your time and power.

Then for every of these key issues, create—a simple listing, a “tickler list” that answers the query, “What do you want to accomplish?”

As soon as you already know the wins you need to achieve in your Scorching Spots, you could have the last word map on your meaningful outcomes.

Assume in Three Wins

A simple means that I keep in mind Agile Results is I keep in mind to assume in Three Wins:

Assume when it comes to Three Wins for the Day, Three Wins for the Week, Three Wins for the Month, Three Wins for the Yr.

Those are the core habits of Agile Results in a nutshell.

You can begin with that and be properly on your solution to getting higher leads to work and life.

10 Huge Concepts from Agile Results

Listed here are 10 massive concepts from Agile Results that basically make it a bit of totally different and that help it final just a little longer:

1. Three Wins

By carving out and figuring out wins you need to obtain, you get intentional about creating compelling outcomes.

When you’ve gotten compelling wins that you are aiming for, they might help carry you up and “pull” you through your day as a result of they are your private victories.

2. Recent Begins

Get a recent start each day, every week, every month.

It works by “turning the page” each day, every week, every month, annually.

One easy option to implement a Recent Begin is to put in writing a brand new “To Do” record every day and every week that displays the three wins you wan to realize.

three. It’s Outcomes, Not Actions

Don’t confuse activity with results.  It’s straightforward to spend time on things, however not truly achieve something.

However, If you already know what you need to accomplish,  in the type of an consequence, then you possibly can give attention to that.

Use outcomes as a easy solution to “slow down to speed up.”

4. It’s Worth, Not Volume

Less is usually more, if you recognize what the value is.   And value is in the eye of the beholder.  Enough stated?

5. Power is Your Pressure Multiplier

You don’t get extra hours in a day.

However you possibly can change your power.

And, for those who use your greatest power, you’ll be able to amplify your influence in highly effective ways.

6.  Time is a First-Class Citizen

Time is a good way to prioritize.  For instance, there’s solely a lot you are able to do in a day.

You should use totally different time horizons to plot out what you’d like to realize inside the time that you simply even have.

7. Be the Writer of Your Life

With Agile Results, you “write your story forward”, in the future at a time, one second at a time, one story at a time.

You do that by selecting your wins to concentrate on, and by specializing in the change.

The challenge is within the change, and change is where the value is.
That’s also what stories are made from.

Tales are concerning the change.

eight.  Weekly Rhythm of Results

The Monday Vision, Day by day Outcomes, Friday Reflection sample is a option to construction your time management and productivity by anchoring it to the week.

The days of the week gained’t change anytime quickly, so you need to use this easy pattern to construction and plan your time administration and productivity.

It’s also a good way to create a easy studying loop of continuous enchancment.

9. Productive Hours and Artistic Hours

For those who concentrate in the course of the week, you’ll start to notice that there are recurring patterns of when you’re at your artistic greatest, and if you end up your most efficient.

The secret is to determine these occasions and to raised leverage them.  For instance, I exploit my Energy Hours as my most efficient occasions of the day.   I can move mountains throughout these occasions.

However,  I exploit my Artistic Hours for artistic breakthroughs, to figure out what’s subsequent, or to innovate not directly, shape or type.

It’s a few of my greatest “think time” whereas I play with ideas.

10.  Productiveness is a Personal Thing

It takes time and experimentation to seek out your move and get your groove on.

Agile Results is a versatile system for significant outcomes.  It’s designed to be “stretch to fit” and simply tailored.

Fairly than a rigorous system of guidelines, it’s a system of rules, values, and a handful of practices.

It’s additionally designed to be inclusive of different techniques.

Most significantly, it’s designed to be easily shaped based mostly on personal choice and elegance.

Whether you need to be a productive artist or a highly-productive achiever, or simply savor extra of life and achieve work-life stability, Agile Results flexes for you and with you.

The key to any system is “just enough process” so to adapt it as conditions and circumstances change.

Achievement, Flexibility, and Focus

Agile Results really helps you live and lead a life of achievement, flexibility, and focus.

Agile Results was born to assist extra individuals discover a path of achievement in a practical approach.

It’s designed that will help you stay your values in work and life.

It’s also designed to be flexible.

I’m a fan of Bruce Lee’s philosophy of, “Take in what is beneficial, Discard what isn’t, Add what is uniquely your personal“.   Darwin additionally taught us that nature favors the flexible.

There’s fact in the saying, “adapt or die.”

Focus can also be on the coronary heart of Agile Results.

Focus helps us interact with work and with our life.  It brings out our best.  You’re the director of your life and you may choose what you point your digital camera at.

Voltaire additionally comes to thoughts: “No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.”

And again, Bruce Lee reminds us of the facility of focus, when he stated, ““The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.”

The Core Values of Agile Results

Once I assume a bit of extra on the values that drive Agile Results — the values that breathe life into the Agile Results system — I think of the following values:

  1. Journey
  2. Stability
  3. Congruence
  4. Continuous learning
  5. Empowerment
  6. Focus
  7. Flexibility
  8. Achievement
  9. Progress
  10. Ardour
  11. Simplicity
  12. Sustainability

Adventure is a strong metaphor for all times.  It provides the enjoyable factor and it turns problems into challenges.   In life, you’ll be able to choose a whole lot of issues, from your attitudes to your actions.   Choose your personal journey.

Stability is a solution to mix one of the best of both worlds, akin to the sport of business, or the enterprise of life.   It’s a option to meld our minds and our bodies and our emotions to convey out our greatest.  Stability your nice up time, with great down time.

Congruence is about dwelling our values and staying true to you.  It’s constructing a agency basis versus a house of cards.

Steady learning is about finding the lessons and turning insight into motion.

Empowerment is about placing the world’s greatest insight and action at your fingertips that will help you unleash what you’re capable of … in an exponential approach.

Focus is about setting your eye on the prize and going for it.   Focus can also be about choosing to seek out the chance in any state of affairs.  Focus is about directing your attention to things that empower you, whether it’s specializing in strengths over weaknesses, the longer term over the past, or the constructive over the adverse.

Flexibility is prepared for anything.  It’s rising above habits and practices that don’t serve you.  It’s about staying open to new ways of taking a look at issues.  It’s about adapting to new situations because the world modifications beneath your ft.  It’s about being an acrobat for all times.

Achievement is about writing your story ahead in a approach, where you give your greatest where you could have your greatest to provide, and play to your strengths in a method that shares your presents with the world.

Progress is about constantly increasing your capabilities.  You grow your means to take on greater challenges, and also you grow to be something extra within the process.

Passion is about being bold, pushing the envelope, and chasing the goals that make your soul sing.  Ardour is the worth that races by way of your veins if you wake up within the morning, able to face the World, and able to make your mark.

Simplicity is concerning the essential.  It’s magnificence in action.  It’s financial system of motion.  It’s reductionism in motion.  Simplicity is about helpful, related, and intuitive.  Simplicity is concerning the truths … the timeless rules, patterns, and practices which are enduring over time.  It’s the half that sticks with you, when all the things else fades away.

Sustainability is about finding a method ahead in a approach that is sturdy and evolvable over time.  Sustainability is about finding your downtime, and responding to “always on” in a approach where you’ll be able to flip it off.  It’s finding your movement.   Sustainability is about recent starts.   Sustainability is about doing the things that reward, renew, and revitalize you.

Getting Started with Agile Results

The best way to get started with Agile Results is straightforward.

  1. Every day Wins.  Each day, ask yourself what are Three Wins you need for immediately?   Perhaps it’s win a raving fan, perhaps it’s end that thing that’s been hanging over you, or perhaps it’s have an incredible lunch.  You’ll be able to ask yourself this proper right here, right now — what are Three Wins you need to accomplish right now?
  2. Monday Vision.  On Mondays, ask your self what are Three Wins you need for this week?  Think about it was Friday and you’re looking back on the week, what are Three Wins that you want beneath your belt.  Use these Three Wins for the Week to inspire you, all week lengthy, and pull you ahead.  Every week is a recent begin.
  3. Friday Reflection.  On Friday, ask your self, what are three things going nicely, and what are three issues to improve?  Use these insights to get higher each week.  Each week is an opportunity to get higher at prioritizing, focusing, and creating clarity round what you value, and what others worth, and what’s value spending more time on.

For bonus, and to actually find a path of achievement, there are three more habits you’ll be able to add …

  1. Three Wins for the Month.  At first of every month, ask your self, what are Three Wins you want for the month?  If you already know your Three Wins for the Month, you should use these to make your months extra meaningful.  Actually, a terrific apply is to select a theme for the month, no matter you want your month to be about, and use that to make your month matter.  And, once you mix that together with your Three Wins, not solely will you benefit from the month more, but on the end of the month, you’ll feel a better sense of accomplishment when you’ll be able to speak about your Three Wins that you simply achieved, whether or not they’re your personal or public victories.  And, if the month gets off monitor, use your Three Wins that will help you get back on monitor.  And, every month is a recent begin.
  2. Three Wins for the Yr.  Initially of the yr, ask your self what are Three Wins you need to achieve for the yr?  This might be something from get to your preventing weight to take an epic journey to write down your first guide.
  3. Ask better questions.   You can do this anytime, anyplace.  Considering is just asking and answering questions.  If you would like higher solutions, ask higher questions.  You possibly can exponentially enhance the quality of your life by asking better questions.

Get the Guide on Agile Results

If you wish to really grasp Agile Results, you possibly can read the ebook:

Getting Results the Agile Method: A Private Results System for Work and Life

It’s been a best-seller in Time Management and Productiveness.

But don’t think of it as yet one more productiveness e-book.  It’s really a private results system.

Extra importantly, it’s a framework that will help you understand your full potential in all points of your life … the Agile Approach.

Take the Free 30 Day Coaching on Agile Results

It’s arduous to consider that it’s free, however it is (a minimum of for now):

30 Days of Getting Results

It’s a few of the greatest self-paced training you’ll ever discover on find out how to master productiveness, time administration, and work-life stability.

Each day is a brand new end result with a quick lesson, quick training, and an exercise to assist make it actual.

Start a Research Group to Take Agile Results to the Subsequent Degree

If you wish to take Agile Results to the subsequent degree, begin a research group and share ways that you employ Agile Results with one another round the way you create work-life stability, create higher power, study more quicker, and unleash your potential, while enjoying the journey, and getting more from work and life.

Share your stories and outcomes with me, with your folks, with your family, anybody, and everyone – assist everyone reside somewhat better.

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